Oberion analyzes your gaming library and gives you personal recommendations based on what you play


The goal is to raise awareness for innovative but hidden indie gems.

Too many high-quality indie games go unnoticed. Passionate developers who have put hundreds and thousands of hours of development time into their games should not be forced to abandon video games simply because nobody knows about their projects. Oberion solves this challenge which has been described as the "discoverability problem".

At the same time players who like niche games or just crazy new indie games should not spend hours searching for that one game that will blow their mind again. Oberion makes your gaming library more transparent, easily browsable, and similar games comparable at a glance.

The scattered landscape of different online stores is brought together here at Oberion.

Oberion is your personal curated storefront

Who is behind Oberion

Thomas Uta
  • Thomas Uta
  • Founder, entrepreneur and full-stack developer
  • Fluent in German, English, JavaScript, Java, Python and SQL
  • Strategy fanatic. All-time favorite: Warcraft III: TFT

I want to make small games discoverable. Games without a marketing budget should always have a chance to find the audience they deserve. I am talking about games which are high-quality, receive good reviews and are created by passionate people. Oberion is my contribution to solve this problem.

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The startup journey so far
October2016Doing data science based on Steam data seems like a good idea. Big inspirations at this point are SteamSpy and SteamDB.
October2017My master thesis about the Steam data paves the way for this startup idea.
February2018Others believe in my idea, too! The German government EXIST Business Startup Grant gets approved.
August2018Oberion gets its name. At GAMESCOM, the startup idea is validated by indie developers and industry professionals.

What comes next

Analyze your Steam library.Release in May
Browse for hidden indie gems. Find them here but buy them at your favorite store.Release in June
Analyze your gaming library across multiple PC stores.Release in June
Get personalized recommendations based on what you play across multiple stores.Release in July
Developers can sign up to gain more attention by players who are actively looking for new games.Release in July

Excellent inspirations

  • SteamSpy
  • SteamDB
  • Goodreads
  • Depressurizer